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Drug Quality and Safety Commitment

In order to implement the laws and regulations of drug production, fulfill the main responsibility of drug manufacturers, and ensure the safety of drug use, our company solemnly promises to the public and regulatory authorities:

1. Strictly enforce laws and regulations, adhere to the bottom line of honesty and trustworthiness, assume the main responsibility of drug quality, conscientiously fulfill the obligations of drug life cycle management, and earnestly guarantee the quality and safety of drugs produced.

2. To engage in pharmaceutical production activities in strict accordance with the production address and scope approved by the Pharmaceutical Production License. Drugs shall not be produced or stored beyond the scope of production or at sites other than the approved addresses.

3. Production in strict accordance with approved preion technology and legal quality standards. Never illegally add any substances other than preions, never use illegal raw materials and accessories, never use sub-optimal, fake and true, never cut corners or cheat.

4. To organize production in strict accordance with the requirements of the Standards for Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Production. To minimize the risks of pollution, cross-contamination, confusion and errors in the production process of drugs, and to ensure the sustained and stable production of drugs that meet the intended use and registration requirements.

5. Improve the construction of drug traceability system, record all production and quality-related activities truthfully and accurately, strengthen the management and storage of data and original records, and ensure that the whole process of drug production is controllable and traceable.

6. Actively disclose drug quality information, do not make false advertisements, and do not mislead the public. If there are potential safety hazards in drugs sold on the market, the recall shall be carried out on its own initiative in accordance with relevant regulations.

Our company will take the initiative to accept and actively cooperate with the supervision and inspection of drug regulatory departments at all levels, and consciously accept the supervision of the public. If any violation of the above commitments occurs, such violations as intentional evasion of supervision, fraud, etc., voluntarily accept punishment and bear all the consequences arising therefrom.

Commitment Enterprise: Panjin Huacheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Legal Representative: Chen Changbai

Head of Enterprise: Chen Changbai

Person in charge of quality management: Li Yongdong

September 10, 2019

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